Worker Engagement

6 lessons; 141 minutes

Target audience: HR Team; Worker Dialogue & Communication Teams

1. Communicating and Consulting with Workers

24 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Understand the meaning and importance of effective communication
  • Review the key elements of a worker management communication system
  • Learn about worker consultation as one form of communication

2. How to Inform Workers

21 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Learn the difference between informing and communicating
  • Identify common challenges and best practices for informing employees

3. Worker Participation

26 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Learn why and when to integrate your workforce in your decision making processes
  • Be familiar with the different mechanisms for integrating your workforce
  • Understand how to deal with challenges related to involving workers

4. Managing Worker Feedback

24 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Identify key channels for accepting worker feedback
  • Learn procedures for handling worker feedback
  • Describe how to implement and monitor a worker feedback system

5. Worker Retention Plans

24 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Identify the costs of turnover
  • Design strategies to improve retention
  • Develop a worker retention plan

6. Training Needs & Training Plans

22 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Understand the steps involved in designing a training plan
  • Review the benefits and key elements of a training needs assessment
  • Learn how to conduct an organizational training needs assessment