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Health & Safety

5 lessons; 156 minutes

Target audience: EHS Team; Senior Managers; Production Managers

1. Health and Safety Management Systems

32 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Understand how health and safety management systems work
  • Learn how to develop procedures to maintain a safe workplace
  • Clarify the role of management leadership in health and safety efforts

2. Fire Safety

29 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to identify fire hazards in your facility
  • Learn how to reduce fire risks from electrical, hot work and chemical handling
  • Learn how to ensure your facility and workers are well prepared to deal with fire emergencies
  • Know the common requirements for fire safety from international clients

3. Effective Chemical Management

37 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Understand the purpose and pre-requisites of a chemical management system
  • Be familiar with the key types of hazardous chemicals
  • Know the three main stages for establishing a chemical management system in your facility

4. Managing Air Emissions

30 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Know the definition and effects of air emissions
  • Be able to identify sources and types of air pollutants
  • Be familiar with best practices for managing air emissions in your facility

5. Improving Your Dormitories

28 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Learn good practices for providing livable, clean, and safe dormitory environments
  • Understand the basic rights of workers who are living in factory-managed dormitories
  • Learn good practices for staffing and the ongoing management of dormitories