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Factory Essentials

7 lessons; 174 minutes

Target audience: Senior Managers; HR Managers; Production Managers; EHS Managers

1. Working Hours

21 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Identify why to control working hours
  • Know what standards to meet
  • Understand how to address the root causes of long hours

2. Managing Wages

23 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Understand how wages are calculated in time-based and piece-rate systems
  • Recognize what information should be included in pay slips
  • Know how to set wage levels that meet legal requirements

3. Health & Safety Management Systems

32 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Understand how health and safety management systems work
  • Learn how to develop procedures to maintain a safe workplace
  • Clarify the role of management leadership in health and safety efforts

4. Worker Retention Plans

24 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Identify the costs of turnover
  • Design strategies to improve retention
  • Develop a worker retention plan

5. Environmental Protection

24 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Understand common expectations from customers for managing environmental impact
  • Learn where to focus your efforts in order to meet brand expectations while reducing costs
  • Learn the 8 key principles for environmental management

6. Factory Assessments

24 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Understand the purpose of a factory assessment of labor or environmental conditions
  • Understand the key components of a factory assessment
  • Be familiar with both good and bad factory assessment preparation practices

7. Corrective Action Plans

26 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to develop an effective Corrective Action Plan
  • Understand how to identify root causes and appropriate corrective actions
  • Be familiar with the process for implementing your plan