Supply Chain Management

6 lessons; 156 minutes

Target audience: Supplier Management Team; CSR Team; Senior Managers

1. Ethical Sourcing

27 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of including Corporate Social Responsibility into your company’s sourcing practices
  • Review good ways to integrate factory corporate social responsibility performance into sourcing decisions
  • Learn how to customize your approach for new and existing business relationships

2. Developing a Code of Conduct

20 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Learn the definition and importance of developing a code of conduct
  • Know the key steps to develop a best in class code
  • Understand the basic categories and topics of a comprehensive code

3. Supply Chain CSR Monitoring

25 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Know the purpose and definition of a supply chain social performance program
  • Understand the basic steps involved in designing a monitoring strategy
  • Learn key data collection techniques

4. Using Key Performance Indicators

25 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Understand the meaning and benefits of collecting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Learn how to set appropriate KPIs that are good indicators of CSR performance
  • Be familiar with practical techniques for collecting KPI data

5. Conflict Minerals

33 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Know the definition of conflict minerals and the issues surrounding them
  • Learn the key parts of the conflict minerals supply chain
  • Understand requirements for complying with the U.S. law on conflict minerals
  • Be familiar with some of the requirements your client may have in relation to sourcing “DRC conflict free” products

6. Supply Chain Security (C-TPAT)

26 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Be familiar with the C-TPAT security requirements that you’re responsible to meet
  • Learn how to oversee the proper inspection and loading of containers
  • Know how to ensure that security seals are correctly applied to containers