5 lessons; 134 minutes

Target audience: EHS Team; Senior Managers; Production Managers

1. Environmental Protection

24 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Understand common expectations from customers for managing environmental impact
  • Learn where to focus your efforts in order to meet brand expectations while reducing costs
  • Learn the 8 key principles for environmental management

2. Managing Energy & Greenhouse Gas Emissions

29 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Understand the purpose and benefits of managing energy use and emissions
  • Be aware of the expectations of your clients and legal requirements
  • Understand the steps you can take to manage your energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

3. Managing Waste

35 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Recognize common customer requirements for waste management
  • Learn how to spot opportunities for reducing waste
  • Learn how to develop a plan for minimizing the cost of waste

4. Water and Wastewater Management

22 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of managing water and wastewater
  • Be aware of brand requirements and legal obligations
  • Learn where to start in meeting the requirements

5. Resolving Wastewater Treatment Issues

24 minutes. Learning objectives:

  • Identify the cause of common wastewater treatment problems
  • Understand how wastewater treatment plants work
  • Manage plant technicians to resolve treatment issues